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7 Questions to Answer Before Building Your Dream Home in Ghana

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Building your dream home can be very exciting but financially draining as well if proper measures are not considered. For a lot of people, you actually envisage your home in your dreams before physically starting the foundation. If you want to forever love, cherish and enjoy living in your dream home, take time to think through and answer these seven questions before starting any construction.
  1. Do I have a concept? This is your dream home and you should have an idea how you want it to look like. Do you prefer the old–traditional styles or you want a contemporary home. Having an impression makes it easier for the Architect to develop your desires further. With the thought of building your dream home, first take a good look around. Go through several home magazines, home related websites and other tangible homes especially new homes for great ideas. You get to know the latest trends and available styles to develop wonderful ideas so you can carve out your preferences.
  2. Do I have a Budget? A budget gives you an idea how much you want to spend on your new home. You have to find out how much money you can afford as against the probable cost of your dream home. If you become aware of this, you can adjust your House Plans to meet the proposed budget. However, if you still want to go ahead without enough money then is a good time to apply for a house loan or mortgage to aid in completing the house.
  3. Do I have a Land? Whatever you want to build must be on a piece of land so get a site in a preferred area of your choice. You can either buy land outright or by installment from numerous estate companies in Ghana. Ghana Homes can assist you to get dispute free lands. Various areas or communities come with class and social status so be sure to find out before purchasing any land. More importantly, you have to investigate the physical conditions of the site such as soil condition, soil profile, land terrain, drainage systems and micro climate. This informs on the design of the building. Again, discover the zoning and building codes and regulations for the specific area to avoid confrontation with the law and land authorities. Security levels and access to social amenities like parks, shopping centers, schools and hospitals are essential to also look out for.
  4. Do I have a Team? Putting together a dream can be a lot of work more especially the design and construction of a dream home. Specialized professionals in the built industry such as Architects, Engineers and Construction managers design and construct buildings with much competence and expertise so do not be hesitant to consult them. You can just hire an Architect who will get all the other team members or you can outsource your dream home in work packages step by step. Investigate to get the best consultants with good reputation and well known for quality work. Ghana Homes Group has a pool of expert professionals should you need any help.
  5. Do I have a Plan? A building plan or House Plan shows the spatial arrangement of the proposed building. It depicts how each room is accessed and their functional coordination. You can choose from a wide range of House Plans from Ghana Homes or you can ask for a customized one if you have special family needs. Whatever your choice, settle on a plan that will satisfy you and your family needs for a long period of time.
  6. Do I have the Time? Building a home in Ghana from scratch can take a while to complete. Before starting construction, the land must be well documented with the Lands Commission and a building permit issued from the Town and Country Planning Department. This is already time consuming not to mention halts and setbacks associated with construction. If you are not bounded by time then it will be a good idea to take your time and build to your taste, but if you have limited time buying an already existing home and renovating or upgrading may be better. Seek expert advice when caught in a fix of ‘building or buying’ to adequately explore all available alternatives before making a decision.
  7. Do I have the Basic Utilities? Electricity and water are the basic essentials for survival in any community. You have to ensure these are or would be provided during construction and after occupancy. If either of them is lacking, this is the time to arrange for an alternative source. You can get a backup generator to supplement electricity later on but water is very critical to begin construction. A water storage system must be developed or storage tanks erected on site.
Building a home is a massive investment. Do not rush or you will regret later in life. Be sure to resolve any issues arising before beginning your dream home construction. All the best!

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