Monday, November 11, 2013

7 Best Ways to Give New Life to Your Old Home in Ghana

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After staying in your home for a long time, the place seems to get boring and monotonous. You get tired of seeing the same colours and furniture over and over again. Sometimes going through the same spaces time and time again can be dull and unexciting. What you need is a house face lift. You have to give your home a revamp so it obtains a fresh and new look which will bring about a delightful stay again. Renovating you home does not have to be expensive, here are simple and economical ways to give a new look to your old home.
  1. Your door handles, hinges and the knobs can be upgraded. This may have become weak and lost its beauty due to constant use. Simply get new sets with modern designs from a local shop and replace your door knobs and locks around the house.
  2. Ensure the light bulbs used in the various rooms are adequate. For reading and learning areas like the study or home office, LED or energy saving bulbs are appropriate for their bright light emissions. The recreational and relaxing areas such as living area, family room and dining areas can have soft lighting with a bit of colour to give a different feeling.
  3. Alter your window and door outlook by changing curtains and blinds! There are now very simple curtain styles you can opt for or go in for a different kind of window blind to rejuvenate the interior spaces.
  4. Adjust your furniture by rearranging in a different way from the usual. You can even reduce the amount of furniture to create simple but a cute look. You don’t have to buy new furniture if you cannot afford it. You can simply change the cover fabric or lay in decorative chair coverings.
  5. Bring new life to the walls and ceilings by repainting. Why not give modern wall papers a try? They are easy to install and change. You can play with the colours of your ceiling and walls. Giving them the same colour can feel repetitive so try a bold bright colour for the ceiling and a complementary neutral low tone colour for the walls or vice versa.
  6. Bring a shine to your kitchen and bathroom by changing the rugs, mats, carpets, and shower curtains. Rearrange your cabinet and fix more racks to hold the things you use frequently. Replace the bed sheets and pillow cases with a brighter patterned fabric or softer cushion to feel more relaxed during sleep.
  7. Remove all unnecessary clusters around the home. All items not in use must be given away or properly packed away! Take out unneeded furniture and elements in the hall and corridors to make it free and open. This gives a welcoming and an attractive look to the home. Place a new air freshener in these spaces and other communal spaces for the atmosphere in the home to feel pleasant and fresh.
Lighten up your old home with these new ideas! It will seem like a new house altogether.

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