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The Most Common Building Materials for Building Homes in Ghana

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Homes that are built in Ghana are constructed with certain materials that are divided into two different categories: conventional and unconventional. In the formal construction sector, more conventional materials will be used, such as concrete, slate and asbestos. Unconventional materials may consist of substances such as mud, mud bricks, palm leaves, bamboo and wood and may be used in areas that are more rural. Unconventional materials are used primarily because more conventional materials are either too expensive or are not easy to come by in certain areas.

In the bigger cities of Ghana and the areas that are more modernized and have larger populations, building materials are much more accessible. Materials used on these homes are similar to those used in places such as Arizona and Florida for construction of homes and buildings.

Here are the most Common building materials in Ghana for Conventional Construction

  • Walls
    • Bricks
    • Masonry Blocks
    • Concrete Blocks
    • Gypsum Boards (plasterboard or drywall)
    • Wood
  • Floor
    • Concrete Slab
  • Roof
    • Concrete Tiles
    • Brick Tiles
    • Shingles
    • Long Span Aluminum Roofing Sheets
    • Onduline Roofing Sheets
  • Windows
    • Aluminum Framed Glass Windows
    • Aluminum-Clad Wood Framed Glass Windows
    • Wood Framed Glass Windows
    • Wood Paneled Windows
    • UPVC Framed Glass Windows
    • Wood Jalousie
  • Doors
    • Wood Paneled
    • Aluminum Framed Glass Doors
    • UPVC Framed Glass Doors
    • Steel Doors
  • Floor Finish
    • Porcelain Tiles
    • Ceramic Tiles
    • Marble Tiles, Linoleum
    • Terrazzo
    • Cement/Sand Screed
    • Carpet
  • Ceiling
    • Wood T&G
    • Plastic T&G
    • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
    • Plasterboard Ceilings

Outside Walls

When building the outside of a home, there is little distinction between conventional and unconventional. Most construction involves the use of bricks and earth as a traditional building tool. Cement blocks and concrete are also used in areas where they are available for the outside of a home. Although wood is exported from Ghana, it is not used as widely or as popularly as the previously listed materials.

Roofing Materials

Conventional materials used in Ghana for roofing include corrugated metal sheets and slate or asbestos roofing. Unconventional materials that are used in more rural areas include thatch or palm leaves or raffia. These materials are the second most common used in the roofing of homes in Ghana, second only to metal sheets.

Floor Materials

The most common materials used for construction in Ghana in the form of floors are cement or concrete. While earth or mud brick flooring is still often used, it is quickly being replaced by the convenience, stability and durability of cement flooring in the areas where it is available. In situations where cost is not an issue, homebuilders may also use terrazzo, vinyl tiles and ceramic tiles.
The materials used for construction on a home in Ghana are often chosen based on the location of the home being built and cost.

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