Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can You Really Trust Builders & Contractors in Ghana?

The Ghana Real Estate Market

For the past several years, the real estate market in Ghana has been developing at an exponential rate. It has grown enormously, and its projected to continue to grow in both the near and distant futures.  Leading global research states that by the year 2030, approximately three billion new people will be in the market for housing. This means that nearly 100,000 new housing units will be in demand every day that year.  For countries like Ghana, where the population is growing very quickly, this statistic is especially significant.  Because of the economic growth in Ghana, the real estate market there is very attractive to investors and homeowners alike.  However, if you are interested in building a home or commercial property in Ghana, there are a few things you should know before you begin. 

Finding a Trustworthy Builder or Contractor in Ghana

There are many reliable and trustworthy builders and contractors in Ghana.  However, there are also a few scam artists looking to take advantage of the fast-paced and rapidly-growing real estate industry.  If you are too eager to get a construction job done quickly and you don’t do your research and due diligence, it is easy to be taken advantage of by an unreliable or dishonest contractor.  One way to find a good contractor for your construction job in Ghana is to rely on the expertise of the Ghana Homes Group.  They have a lot of experiences with builders and contractors in Ghana, so they can help you find one with a great track record and high-quality service. 

Hiring Legal Professionals 

It is also important to make sure the work your contractors are doing meets the rules and regulations set forth by the city authorities.  To help you sort out what is or is not in line with city policies, the Ghana Homes Group offers real estate lawyers and other legal professionals to deal with the contractors you’ve hired.  With the Ghana Homes Group, you can rest assured that the construction job will be done in a professional and legal manner.

Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Get a Building Permit in Ghana in Record Time

Building a Home in Ghana

The country of Ghana has experienced rapid growth in recent years.  The real estate industry is booming, and leading global research states that it will continue to grow exponentially in the future. This expanding market is very attractive to those looking to buy a home in Ghana, investors and homeowners, many of whom are choosing to buy land in Ghana and build large homes or commercial properties. However, to build legally in Ghana, there are several steps you need to take to get the right permits, else your construction project could be stopped and demolished by the city authorities causing you a great deal of financial lost. 

Demolishing of Houses Ghana

For example, in recent times, major city authorities in Ghana have put a stop to several building construction projects and even went further to demolish several hundreds of building due to improper permits. According to the Ghana MyJoyOnline, “about 100 more houses were demolished late last year bringing the number to 600 by a combined police and military team. The exercise, which began on Saturday, December 10, has so far rendered about 2,000 residents including a five-day-old born twins homeless.  The Ga Municipal Assembly has planted a military/police platoon to deal with whoever will attempt to resist the exercise.

Applying for a Permit from the Land Commission

The first step you need to take to get a building permit in Ghana is to submit an application to the Land Commission.  Before you can get a permit, this government agency has to confirm that the land legally belongs to you.  If you are not sure how to go about proving that you own the land you are planning to build on, the Ghana Homes Group can help.  They have land lawyers who are specifically trained to deal with land laws and government agencies. 

Obtaining a Permit from the Town and Country Planning Department

After the Land Commission has confirmed that you do indeed own the land you want to build on, you can begin the building permit process with the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD).  The TCPD will assemble a committee of inspectors to observe the land and analyze your building plans or House Plans.  If they approve of your plans, they will submit a recommendation to the Statutory Planning Committee, which is the government agency that will actually administer the building permit once the documentation has been reviewed.  If you need help with any of these steps, the Ghana Homes Group has experienced employees who can help you navigate the legal system.  Obtaining a building permit in Ghana can be a complicated process, but the Ghana Homes Group can make your experience a little easier.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How Safe Is Your Land in Ghana from Resellers, Encroachers & Powerful Chiefs?

Ghana: Rapidly Growing Real Estate Market

Ghana is a place where real estate and development have been growing rapidly in recent years.  While there aren't any restrictions on whether foreigners can by land in Ghana, there are four different types of land, and some types cannot be owned privately. It is very important for an interested land buyer to go through the right sources to make sure that his or her investment will be secure and protected when considering land for sale in Ghana.

Perform Title Search

It can be challenging to understand the law that governs the purchase of land and how it works. Applications must be filed with the proper Governmental agency depending on where the land is located. Governmental agencies can help to evaluate the land you are considering, and find out who truly owns the property, as well as determining whether you can purchase the property.  A title search must be conducted to determine the actual type of land you are considering and to determine the ownership of that land.  Using a reputable land attorney in Ghana is an important step that should be taken if you want to buy land.  The Ghana Homes Group Land Lawyers are an experienced and trustworthy source that can help you properly acquire land for sale in Ghana.

Don’t be Scammed

There have been many circumstances where the same spot of land has been sold to several different purchasers by resellers or scam artists, thus causing court disputes and a loss of money and time.  Unauthorized owners will advertise land for sale in Ghana, collecting the money for the purchase without having the ability to turn the land over to you, and you end up losing your investment if the court proves that someone else actually owns the land.  Problems with a land scam artist in Ghana have cost many people a great deal of money.

5 Steps to Protect Your Ghana Land Investment

  1. If you already have land, make sure it’s registered at the Ghana Land Commission
  2. If purchasing a new land, go to the Land Commission and perform a title search first
  3. Make sure you are working with a reputable attorney who knows Ghana land acquisition laws
  4. After purchase, register your land at the court to make sure you are legally covered
  5. Fence your land or build a small room on it to warn off squatters

Your land in Ghana can be safe from these resellers and scam artists if you use a reputable real estate agent and lawyer when you want to purchase land for sale in Ghana.  Ghana Homes Group Land Lawyers help those who wish to build a house or buy land in Ghana go through the necessary steps to protect their investment.


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