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Do You Have What It Takes to Build A Home Like A True Expert?

Let's build a home. Follow along with these instructions and you will be living in your new home in no time. The first step in any successful project is planning. Before you start building, weigh out your options for location carefully even if you already have land. The worst thing is to build a home in an area where you won't enjoy living. There are several factors to look into when selecting a location:
  • Price of land
  • Neighborhood
  • Utility Availability
  • Road
  • Traffic
  • Schools
Once you have found the right location, discuss options and select your house plan or draw up a custom house plan. Hire a professional to save time, hassle and money down the road. Communication is the key here. Make sure the architects know exactly what you want, but also listen to the advice they give you.

Begin a budget. This is a temporary budget at this point. As you go along, you will finalize this budget. Expenses such as permits, insurance and material costs will have to be figured out. The best way of figuring out actual cost of your project is to get a Bill of Quantity and Material Schedule from your local professional quantity surveyors.

Every fun project has some unwanted steps. Here come the unwanted steps of gathering permits. No matter the location, there are likely building permits that will need to be obtained. Always discuss local laws and regulations with your contractors and city officials.

You are now ready to break ground. After the site is excavated, you can begin your foundation. First you will need lay out the concrete foundation to build upon. Building lines will need to be set up to square up and level the foundation.

Now you need some walls, begin walling after the foundation. Your material schedule (if you have one) should tell you how many blocks or bricks you will need to complete the walls. Be sure the block or brick laying job is done well and are secured properly. Marks for roof trusses can now be placed in the correct locations. Sub-facia board must be nailed to connect ends of rafters. You will need to install a good moisture barrier to protect against the Ghana weather. Finish up your exterior by installing doors, windows and your final roof. Install whichever type of floor you have chosen.

Now it is time to head inside your new home. Here you will be installing things like pipes, electrical wires and insulation. This is where you can save some money by doing inside work yourself. After the professionals do the bulk of the wiring, walling and piping, you can begin work on the necessities.

Installing a bathtub, for instance, is something that can be done by a homeowner. It may also be cheaper to purchase or import fixtures and some materials yourself. Woodwork like cabinets and shelving can be done or contracted out, depending on your know-how. Choose appliances that are energy saving to help keep living costs down.

Paint your new house. Consult with your local painting professional to determine the appropriate exterior and interior paint will you will need. Get professional estimate to determine if you need to contract out the painting job or to do it yourself. Now you are done and ready to move in.

Remember, the first step in building the home of your dream is to purchase a home plan from Ghana House Plans. We can discuss your wants and needs, then supply you with affordable choices and plans. Talk with one of our experts today.

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