Monday, August 10, 2015

What Color Should You Paint Your Current or Future House?

The most popular colors for homes in tropical environments include vivid reds, muted blues, gray-toned greens, and bright yellows. Painting with green paints that are lower in gas emissions are also trending because they are helpful to the environment. 

Experts offer several suggestions about the best way to choose the right color for new and existing homes. Depending on whether you are trying to blend in with the neighbors should be one of the things that drive the color selection.

Community fit

People who live near other homes or those who are planning to build in a close-knit community might want to consider colors that are muted to help integrate their home in a seamless manner. Choosing colors that are bright or those that do not work well with the surrounding home colors will make the home stand out in an unattractive way.

It can also cause problems with homeowners associations (if any) and the atmosphere of the community because it makes the owners seem like they are not team players. Bold colors can always be toned down with grays and whites to give the color choice the owner wants while still fitting into the neighborhood.

colours for Houses in ghana

Heat reduction
Keeping the heat from the sun from raising the temperature on the inside of a home is vital in warm, humid climates like those in tropical areas. You can easily find companies in your local market that offer customers a variety of colors in environmentally-friendly paints.

There are many benefits of using this type of paint for a home including reducing allergens if used indoors. Many of the green paint options come in lighter colors like ecru, coastal blue, and pineapple yellow that help reflect sunlight to keep the interior of homes cooler in warm temperatures.

heat reducing colours for Houses in ghana

Newest color trends

Shades of greens and blues are timeless choices that will fit in for years to come. Guacamole, mint green, moss, robin's egg blue, cobalt, and periwinkle are favorite exterior paint choices. For those wanting something a little bolder, reds in watermelon, passion fruit, geranium, and berry are attractive selections. Yellows in goldenrod, daffodil, and sunflower work well for interiors and exteriors.

colour styles for Houses

Any of the colors mentioned above is easily lightened to give homeowners the right shade for their home. Experts suggest that people who are not planning to paint for several years and those who are trying to fit into the neighborhood should consider shades of white, tan, blue, and green because these colors often fit into several color palettes. These colors are often chosen because they fit into any style or season.

Choosing the right color should reflect the needs of the family including environmentally safe options and heat-reducing tones. Bright pops of color on the trim, shutters, doors, and outdoor furniture can give homeowners the bold statements they prefer without raising the electric bill because the air conditioner is running on maximum all summer long.

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