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How to Avoid Land Problems in Ghana

Land-Situation-and-Acquisition-in-Ghana.jpgLand Situation and Acquisition in Ghana

Since independence, several citizens of Ghana have encountered a puzzling land administration system. There have been long and expensive procedures entailing several land agencies, which have discouraged many citizens from legally registering their lands in the state institutions. Land concerns have been controlled in a double situation for a long time with traditional laws and regulations functioning alongside the state law.

Approximately 80% of the land is under customary holders while the rest is held by the state. During the colonial period, information on land ownership in Ghana was not comprehensively recorded. Numerous transactions were denied effective certification and land maps were demarcated by physical landmarks, for instance, hills instead of surveyed maps. Since the physical features were not an efficient way of bounding land, litigation over proprietorship and boundaries remained endless.


Through the Land Registry Act, all transactions were required to be administered through the deed registration system that was put in place from the onset of the 19th century. This involved a system based on documents proving persons’ right to transfer land or property. However, the system has faced a number of challenges as since registrars have not had the power to investigate and reject documents of dubious legitimacy.

Therefore, anyone with a title deed could claim land and sell it to another person. With no clear procedures, there was no vibrant way of determining the real owner of a land. Furthermore, through customary land tenures, individuals have been allocated land orally without proper documentation. This has led to the lands being allocated or sold to multiple owners.

Due to this failed systems, the government has sought to establish different institutions in overseeing the land acquisition and usage in Ghana. For instance, the Land Title Registry provided a compulsory registration of districts but it did not have many achievements.


The turning point of the Ghana’s land system was marked by the Lands, Forestry, and Mines Ministry Land Administration Program. The program lay the foundation for reforming land administration in Ghana. The administration was aimed at creating a sustainable and well-functioning land administration system.

The problem of purchasing land in Ghana is not over. Currently, before you purchase any piece of land in Ghana, you must consider several factors. These include carrying out due diligence over the land, involving a searching process with the Lands Commission about the lands ownership, getting a cadastral plan, drafting and signing the transfer agreement and registering the land with the Lands Commission.

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How to Solvie Ghana Poverty Problem Through Housing

The prerequisite to providing suitable, appropriate and equitable housing is a key primacy for every government. Because the problem of housing is intricate and unrelenting, no single nation across the world has been able to offer satisfactory housing of ample standards to all its citizens. 

In as much as housing is a basic need in life, close to half of the population in Ghana live in poor houses. Ghana housing shortage has exposed many individuals to circumstances, such as inaccessibility to adequate hygienic amenities and privation of water and warmth to meet their daily physical requisites. Ghana housing shortage has also decreased the life expectancy for the homeless. 

As a result of Ghana housing shortage, several populations have been exposed to serious health risks, thus, gravely impacting on their input in the economic development of the society, leading to high rates of poverty in Ghana. The housing shortage in Ghana has affected many populations living in urban areas to continue residing in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Most of the limited houses lack significant facilities, such as toilets, kitchen, bathroom, and refuse facilities. 

Source: Zillow

Adequate housing is one of the effective means of solving the problem of poverty in Ghana. This is because shelter entails a significant item for households. Sufficient housing is a requirement for enhanced health, thus, encouraging savings that are spent on treatment and medication. Adequate housing is also a source of income since many people use the houses to generate income through home base businesses or renting, especially in urban settings.

In addressing Ghana’s poverty situation, improved housing condition in Ghana will enhance the provision of good living conditions. This will provide an opportunity for the poor population to come up with their own income generating ventures and they can also receive credits from micro financing corporations.

Source: Zillow

The end result of these initiatives will be a focus on building human capital. The stimulation of pro- poor growth in the nation will encourage the private sector to create jobs to supplement the government efforts. Through enhanced spending on anti-poverty measures, such as supporting the education system, infrastructure, and healthcare in Ghana, it is possible to launch a direct assault on poverty as a result of improved housing provisions.


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