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Should You Employ Land Caretakers to Guard Your Property in Ghana

Engaging The Services Of A Caretaker: A Sweet Dream Or A Nightmare

You probably might have heard about property or land caretakers in Ghana. You may be wondering who they are, what they do, why their services are needed and how important they may be to you. If you are thinking about owning a land in Ghana, then the subject of land caretakers should be of interest to you. Ghana Property land caretakers are individuals hired by landowners to protect, secure and maintain their property in their absence. Hiring a land caretaker is usually based on trust and for this reason, most landowners may hire people they know: friends or relatives. In cases where getting a relative or friend proves difficult, then a caretaker is hired based on recommendations from trusted people. The following are reasons why people engage the services of caretakers:
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Financial Problems

Usually, landowners buy lands at a time when they are not financially ready to build or develop the lands. This may be due to the difficulty in accessing funds immediately. As a result, a lot of landowners build gradually. This means that landowners develop their lands as and when they have access to funds; thus, the construction process takes many years hence the need for landowners to often engage live-in caretakers to protect their property and building materials from theft.

Fear of Encroachment

Due to the absence and inability of landowners to cater for their property, the land is left bare, unattended to and uninhabited. This may invite encroachers and, in some cases swindlers, who connive with others to sell the land. To avoid these situations, you will definitely need a land caretaker in Ghana.

Problem of Distance and Time

Most property owners live abroad or do not live in or near the same community where their lands are located. Therefore, these landowners will not have the time to monitor activities on their property. In essence, the advantages of having a caretaker allow you to develop your land gradually based on your financial strength, prevent encroachment, live in peace and prevent theft and vandalism. On the other hand, engaging the services of a caretaker can be a nightmare. You are likely to encounter the following risks:

Threat of Theft and or Vandalism

When the relationship between the landowner and the caretaker turns sour due to a dispute and broken trust, the caretaker may take vengeance by stealing the building materials for construction or vandalize the land. In the long run, the landowner suffers a great deal of losses.

Business and Trading Activities

Some caretakers tend to use the land for their personal business activities like trading to generate income for themselves. If there is an uncompleted building, portions of the building are rented out, turned into a stall or a warehouse. All these activities are at the expense of the landowner.

Resale of the Land

In cases where the landowners live abroad and may not be in the country for a long time, sometimes, their lands are resold to others. The consequence of this action is litigation. The battle to reclaim your land at the law court can go on for years wasting your time and resources especially money.

Land Sanitation Challenges and Problems

Due to the absence of a place of convenience, lack of waste disposal systems, water, bathroom, etc., caretakers are forced to use portions of the land as they wish. This means that the land is used for all kinds of practices and activities like using the land as a dumping or refuse grounds for waste. This makes the land dirty and unkempt. In short, buying or owning a land shouldn’t be a sweet dream or nightmare affair. It should be a “ happily ever after” enterprise. That is why we invite you to buy your land from us. Visit our website at and check out the available lands on sale.

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