Monday, August 10, 2015

So You Want to Build a Custom Home? 7 Steps to Create Your Dream Home

If you are looking to build your first dream home, there is no need to worry. Building a custom home from scratch may seem scary at first but there is a process that works (99.9% of the time) and many people just like you have done it. The following are a few steps that you should follow with your architect for creating your dream home.
1) Location and Feasibility Study

A feasibility study involves making site considerations and determining the design requirements of your dream home and considering your home's configuration. Work with your architect to perform a feasibility study to make sure he or she creates a home plan that meets your needs and your local government requirements.

2) Preliminary Design

An architect will craft a design that fits your needs as well as your site plan. The architect will provide you with a variety of ideas to assist you personalize your home and ensure your living quarters are just like you wanted. If you need a detailed scale model, your architect will create one that incorporates your home design in 3D. The there are several home plans here that you can get ideas from.


3) Budget and Contract

First, decide how much you want to spend to build your new home and have your architect design a home plan according to your budget. After you have decided what plan works for you, a detailed SOW will be made reflecting what you have specified.

4) Construction Drawings

Your architect will create the final draft of your home according to your requirements and that of the local government building permit requirements. In this phase, your architect will conduct a vegetation survey; provide a salvage report that includes grading, national open space requirements, drainage etc.

5) Owner's Selection

During this time of constructing your dream home, you will be required to decide on building materials: flooring, lighting, appliances, colors and other building material details of your home.

6) Construction

After all the phases have been completed, a home contractor will build your home like you imagined it. Your home should be constructed on time and within your budget. Demand constant communication between you and the contractors to ensure that your home is built according to plan. Always have a third party inspect the construction phases to make sure the contractor(s) is doing what they suppose to do such as quality of work.

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7) Completion

When your home is complete, the next thing is for you to move in but before that, do an inspection first! Hire a professional home inspector to do a final inspection before accepting the final product. After you have moved in to your new home, your contractor should work with you to assist you benefit from the features of your home such as how to use the new features in your new home: lighting, air controls, main water, etc., and to also advice you on how to preserve and maintain the beauty of your home.

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