Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Your Ghana Home

Painting the exterior of your home not only protects it but also gives it a beautiful appeal. Advancement in technology has created several long-lasting and eco-friendly paints in various colours and variations. Most of these recent paints have been tailor-made to have properties suitable for the exterior of your building. For instance some paint colours can withstand adverse weather conditions whiles others ward off mosquitoes and other harmful insects like Ezzy® and Artilin® respectively.

When choosing the exterior paint colours for your home, these are a few hints you can consider to make your selection right!
  1. The stability and total performance of the paint colours. Ensure the paint colour you choose has endurance properties and can stay visible for a very long time. Examples are the paints with enamel, giving a shiny and smooth finish. You don’t want to choose a paint colour that will become lost with time, causing you to repaint every now and then.
  2. For the exterior parts of the house likely to encounter a lot of dampness especially during the rainy season, a paint that is resilient to moulds, mildew and fungi is the most appropriate which may usually come in dark colours. A better alternative is to use waterproof paints in these areas available from most paint companies in Ghana like Essy®, Azar®, Suvinil® and so on. If you have timber in certain sections of the exterior, be certain the colour chosen blends in well with the timber look and feel.
  3. The sun’s rays are very strong in Ghana, mostly during the afternoons of the dry hot seasons. For the exterior of your building, you want to choose a paint colour that would not easily fade having much contact with strong sun rays. Very light colours like variants of the creams and beiges have a greater possibility of fading away easily with time if not well protected. Check the paint colour you select has protection from ultra-violet radiation.
  4. Much as the sun is of concern, so are the rains. Look out for paint colours that would not easily wash off during the rainy seasons. Some paints colours wash off their colours onto other parts of the building making it unsightly. Choose washable paint colours, which normally come in acrylic type from paint manufacturers as Coral®, Essy® and many others. Do get some expert advice in deciding the various colours to apply for the different sections of the exterior of your building.
  5. Some paints and colour mixes such as for textured and glossy finishes and Epoxy paints are so complex that, wrong mix and application can mess up your entire building. If you do not have the opportunity to solicit for expert assistance, settle for paint colours and variations that are easy to mix and apply to obtain full access to its benefits. You can always ask the manufacturer or retailers for the best directions.
  6. Lately, going green is the hallmark of every activity; hence try to select paint colours that are environmentally friendly. The colours should not be so biting and sharp but can be such that it well integrates with the environment around it; such as the greys, greens and blues. Consider the natural environment around your home where your building is sitting and choose colours that integrate beautifully with the surroundings.
Exterior paint colours are very strong attractions to your home. The appropriate they look and stay, the more people get pleased with visiting your home, so think through carefully when selecting the exterior paint colours for your home in Ghana. Some paint manufacturers in Ghana offer paint colour selection consultancy services to help you make the right paint selection for your home.

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