Monday, April 29, 2013

The Chief Architect’s 7 Steps to Designing Your Dream Home in Ghana

Osagyefo House Plan

Creating a floor plan that suits your own unique lifestyle is almost as exciting as watching your dream home being built. It doesn’t matter if you dream of a spacious abode in the suburbs or a more modest home in the metropolis—the process is filled with pride and prosperity. Here are seven steps to help you design your dream home.

1) Brainstorm

As with most creative processes, you will be most successful if you start by brainstorming. Make a list of both the aesthetic and architectural features that you want your home to have.

2) Prioritize

Once you have your list of features, prioritize them into two categories: must-have and nice-to-have. Unfortunately, most people will face budget constraints even when designing their dream home.

3) Sketch

You don’t need expensive software to render a floor plan. Make a quick sketch to help communicate your vision to an architect when that time comes.

4) Plan Ahead

Your floor plan shouldn’t just fit your current lifestyle, but it should also be flexible enough that it will also accommodate you in various stages of life. If you want a home office right now, that room doesn’t necessarily need a closet. If a college age child or an aging parent needs a place to stay in the future, however, you could more easily convert the office into a bedroom if it already had a closet.

5) Consider The Lot

The beauty of a custom home plan is that you can incorporate natural elements of the building lot into the design. Take advantage of any natural features that you can.

6) Make It Efficient

Skylights, solar panels and energy efficient appliances will all add to the value and functionality to your home. Efficiency is especially important as the Ghanaian government is struggling to meet the increasing demand for electricity in the rapidly growing country.

7) Evaluate

As you and your architect work together to design your dream home, take a step back to really evaluate it and make sure it fits your needs. Sometimes it helps to have a friend or family member look at it as well. It is much easier to make changes at this point in the process than after the foundation has been laid.

Get Started. Design Your Dream Home Today! 

To get started in designing your dream home, contact Ghana House Plans team for a one-on-one consultation or browse their collections of house plans for ideas. They can modify the house plan when you find one that you like or that closely matches your dream home. View house plans here.

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