Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Get a Building Permit in Ghana in Record Time

Building a Home in Ghana

The country of Ghana has experienced rapid growth in recent years.  The real estate industry is booming, and leading global research states that it will continue to grow exponentially in the future. This expanding market is very attractive to those looking to buy a home in Ghana, investors and homeowners, many of whom are choosing to buy land in Ghana and build large homes or commercial properties. However, to build legally in Ghana, there are several steps you need to take to get the right permits, else your construction project could be stopped and demolished by the city authorities causing you a great deal of financial lost. 

Demolishing of Houses Ghana

For example, in recent times, major city authorities in Ghana have put a stop to several building construction projects and even went further to demolish several hundreds of building due to improper permits. According to the Ghana MyJoyOnline, “about 100 more houses were demolished late last year bringing the number to 600 by a combined police and military team. The exercise, which began on Saturday, December 10, has so far rendered about 2,000 residents including a five-day-old born twins homeless.  The Ga Municipal Assembly has planted a military/police platoon to deal with whoever will attempt to resist the exercise.

Applying for a Permit from the Land Commission

The first step you need to take to get a building permit in Ghana is to submit an application to the Land Commission.  Before you can get a permit, this government agency has to confirm that the land legally belongs to you.  If you are not sure how to go about proving that you own the land you are planning to build on, the Ghana Homes Group can help.  They have land lawyers who are specifically trained to deal with land laws and government agencies. 

Obtaining a Permit from the Town and Country Planning Department

After the Land Commission has confirmed that you do indeed own the land you want to build on, you can begin the building permit process with the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD).  The TCPD will assemble a committee of inspectors to observe the land and analyze your building plans or House Plans.  If they approve of your plans, they will submit a recommendation to the Statutory Planning Committee, which is the government agency that will actually administer the building permit once the documentation has been reviewed.  If you need help with any of these steps, the Ghana Homes Group has experienced employees who can help you navigate the legal system.  Obtaining a building permit in Ghana can be a complicated process, but the Ghana Homes Group can make your experience a little easier.

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