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How Safe Is Your Land in Ghana from Resellers, Encroachers & Powerful Chiefs?

Ghana: Rapidly Growing Real Estate Market

Ghana is a place where real estate and development have been growing rapidly in recent years.  While there aren't any restrictions on whether foreigners can by land in Ghana, there are four different types of land, and some types cannot be owned privately. It is very important for an interested land buyer to go through the right sources to make sure that his or her investment will be secure and protected when considering land for sale in Ghana.

Perform Title Search

It can be challenging to understand the law that governs the purchase of land and how it works. Applications must be filed with the proper Governmental agency depending on where the land is located. Governmental agencies can help to evaluate the land you are considering, and find out who truly owns the property, as well as determining whether you can purchase the property.  A title search must be conducted to determine the actual type of land you are considering and to determine the ownership of that land.  Using a reputable land attorney in Ghana is an important step that should be taken if you want to buy land.  The Ghana Homes Group Land Lawyers are an experienced and trustworthy source that can help you properly acquire land for sale in Ghana.

Don’t be Scammed

There have been many circumstances where the same spot of land has been sold to several different purchasers by resellers or scam artists, thus causing court disputes and a loss of money and time.  Unauthorized owners will advertise land for sale in Ghana, collecting the money for the purchase without having the ability to turn the land over to you, and you end up losing your investment if the court proves that someone else actually owns the land.  Problems with a land scam artist in Ghana have cost many people a great deal of money.

5 Steps to Protect Your Ghana Land Investment

  1. If you already have land, make sure it’s registered at the Ghana Land Commission
  2. If purchasing a new land, go to the Land Commission and perform a title search first
  3. Make sure you are working with a reputable attorney who knows Ghana land acquisition laws
  4. After purchase, register your land at the court to make sure you are legally covered
  5. Fence your land or build a small room on it to warn off squatters

Your land in Ghana can be safe from these resellers and scam artists if you use a reputable real estate agent and lawyer when you want to purchase land for sale in Ghana.  Ghana Homes Group Land Lawyers help those who wish to build a house or buy land in Ghana go through the necessary steps to protect their investment.

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