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Buying a New Home in Ghana? Here is What You Should Do First

Many Ghanaian house buyers assume that buying a new house and especially from a well-known source is a guarantee to being free from building defects that old houses are likely to suffer from. Consequently, there is an increase in the purchasing of newly built houses. However, such assumptions, if not backed with facts, can be misleading and detrimental to your investment. As a prospective house owner, buying a freshly built house or apartment is an investment you want to handle with all serious care and attention. So what should you do when you want to purchase a new house?

First, whether you are buying from a famous home seller or an estate developer, ensure that you do a proper research on the person or company. You can carry out a background check by visiting older construction works by the person or company and interviewing those who live there about their experiences when they first moved in. Also, inquire about the proper and effective functioning of the features that attracted you to the house and its environs. If you are buying from an individual, investigate to be certain that he or she is the proper owner of the house and not just a mere caretaker who is out to swindle you.
  How to buy a new home Ghana

Second, perform a house inspection. You can perform this task on your own or hire the services of a house inspector. Take nothing for granted when carrying out this exercise and be rather critical in evaluating the house or apartment. Check for rot, decay or rust, plumbing leaks, cracked tiles or walls, etc. Ensure that all security features in the house or apartment are intact. Refusing to carry out this task can cost you a great deal of money in the future when you are overwhelmed with unexpected repairs or heavy cracks in the wall.

Additionally, find out how long the building has been left unoccupied since it was completed. Vacant houses can suffer a number of defects including broken pipes, molds and insect infestation due to neglect or the difficulty in finding an interested buyer. Buying such a house means that you will have to shoulder the cost of repair works or put your health at risk.
   How to buy a new home Ghana

Then, make sure to go with your must-have list during the house inspection. Remember that most of these buildings were built not to your specifications. Thus, your must-have list should include features you need in your dream house. You must pay close attention to space, factor in changes you can make to meet your unique preference and also the cost involved in making those changes.

Lastly, inquire about any community codes or regulations which apply to the house or vicinity you want to live in. This will help you know whether to go ahead with the purchase or discontinue any further negotiations.

Buying a house or an apartment is a big and long term investment. So, be diligent in your search for a house and be sure to carry out the necessary investigations on your desired house when you find one. 

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