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Build Your Dream Home in Ghana! 10 Ideas That Really Work

Ghana is enjoying an economic boom as a result of the oil discovery and thus has currently become one of the best places in Africa to own a property. Coupled with the peaceful climate and welcoming friendly populace, this is the time to own a home and enjoy all the associated developing benefits. Here are 10 great ideas to help you fulfill the dream of building your own home in Ghana.
  1. Engage the services of building professionals such as Architects, Engineers (Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers), Contractors and Quantity Surveyors. They have wide professional experience and knowledge about buildings from the design stage through to the construction and can give you the best advice to come out with exactly what you want or dream about. Do not be deceived that taking matters into your own hands would save you money. No! You may end up having to redo everything all over again which will cost you even more than if you had engaged a building professional.
  2. Access several House Plans and choose the one that best suite you and your family needs. The plan must be tropical allowing much natural ventilation and day lighting. There are a number of Ghana House Plans to choose from with customization services available. Ghana Homes can help you select the suitable House Plan.
  3. Be fully involved in the discussions and development of your House Plans. This is for you and it’s your cherished dream so approach it with all seriousness and make sure to understand every step along the way. Do not allow yourself to be dictated to because YOU will live in the house and not the building professional so it must be to your likes and desires. This may be the only house you build and live in most part of your life so take time to make it appropriate.
  4. Find out the location in Ghana you will like to settle. Do you like Accra with all its busy city life and traffic or Takoradi the oil city or you prefer the hinterlands which is quieter and cooler or on a hill such as Akwapim or McCarthy to enjoy beautiful scenery.
  5. Acquire a plot of land in your desired area according to the sizes of your chosen House Plan and get all the necessary documentation done from The Ghana Lands Commission to obtain a site plan or better still a land title certificate. The latter may take several months so a site plan or indenture is ok to start with. This will protect your land from resellers, encroachers or powerful chiefs.
  6. With the land documents and House Plan, obtain the building permit from the district assembly where the land is located. This gives the go ahead to begin construction on the site without any confrontation with the law. Refusing to get a building permit may attract fines or cause construction to be halted.
  7. Develop a budget for the construction of the building. A budget is important to regulate and monitor expenditure. It also guides you to make savings. The Bill of Quantity can aid this as it indicates the construction cost. There should be money allocated for unexpected occurrences and any price changes in the budget.
  8. Compare various contractor quotes and settle on one that is typical. Be careful of quotes that are so low to the average. These may have the tendency to use less quality materials which may eventually cost you. You can hire a contractor to build the entire house at a go or a section at a time.
  9. There are mortgage opportunities in Ghana from several Banks and other financial institutions with different options to choose from according to your situation. If you do not have all the money to build, taking a loan with a payment plan can help you achieve your dream of building your home in Ghana.
  10. Be involved in the construction of your home. Monitor the contractor to ensure adherence to the House Plan and budget. Request for images, videos and feedback periodically if you cannot be present physically and get a trusted person to crosscheck the information you receive.
You will be glad to see your dream home turn out just as you imagined. Ghana Homes can guide you through to realize this dream in Ghana. Take the first step now! Contact us for free consultation.

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