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Looking To Build A Home In Ghana? Here Is How To Calculate The Cost

Building a home is perhaps the largest investment most Ghanaians will make in their lifetime. As with any major purchase, it is important to do your research to ensure that you are paying fair market value. If you begin the process without knowing what to expect financially, you could end up being overcharged for materials or labor and possibly even run out of funding before being able to complete the construction. Following is a quick guide to help you calculate the cost of building your own home.

Research prices.

Take some time to look at existing homes to see what you like and what you don’t like. Once you have basic idea of the type of floor plan you like and how much space you need, you can research the construction cost of similar homes. Even if you are planning to build the home yourself, getting an estimate from a couple of contractors is a good place to start. Shop around and be sure to get line by line estimates so that you can compare them accurately. You might even find that hiring a contractor to build the home for you is more economical than building it yourself. The Ghanaian government recently offered incentive packages to real estate developers to make housing more affordable for those in the low to middle income bracket.

Choose a house plan.

Once you have researched prices and determined how much house you can afford, you will want to choose a house plan. Generally speaking, the simpler the shape the less expensive the cost of construction will be.  A house plan that has a good basic structure typically offers the most flexibility as your needs change. You can always add additional features in the future as needed.

Get a professional bill of quantity.

When sourcing materials yourself, a bill of quantity can be very helpful (Most people skip this part and regret later). This is essentially a list of all of the building materials, hardware and other components you will need to build your home per the house plan you chose. A bill of quantity is invaluable when it comes to forecasting the costs of materials and budgeting accordingly. Ghana Homes Group provides a professional bill of quantity for a nominal fee. Once again, you may find that it is less expensive to hire a reputable contractor such as Ghana homes to build your home after sourcing materials yourself. Contractors often have established relationships with suppliers and are eligible for bulk discounts. The government incentive also offers exemption on the import duties of equipment and other supplies necessary for building affordable housing.

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