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The Legalities Involved in Buying Land or a Home in Ghana

The Legalities Involved in Buying Land or a Home in Ghana

For many people, owning their own home is a dream come true. If you aren’t careful when buying land, building a home or buying an existing home, however, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. There are a number of important legal issues that must be addressed in order to protect yourself and your investment. Before you sign any documents or any money changes hands, you would be well advised to seek professional help from lawyers and real estate professionals such as those employed by Ghana Homes Group. Here’s why.

Prove Ownership

Over the past few years, there have been numerous instances of unauthorized owners selling or leasing property that they don’t have the rights to. In other instances, the property is sold to more than one buyer. Before you purchase any type of property, you need to have the title reviewed by lawyers and cleared by the land registry office. The complex process can take months to complete; longer if you fail to file all of the necessary paperwork.

Transfer Title Correctly

It is also important that upon the purchase of any property the title is transferred correctly to your name. Otherwise, you will not be able to sell the property in the future. It will instead be considered a dead asset.

Obtain Permits

The permit process can be complex as well, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the local laws and regulations. Working with professionals such as the Ghana Homes Group can make the entire building process easier. They will make sure that you have all of the required permits and obtain proof of compliance from inspections. If you cannot prove that you followed the letter of the law, the consequences can be financially devastating. You may be subjected to an expensive fine or, worse yet, the government can demolish your home.

Meet Development Timelines

If you are building a new home, the government also requires that you meet certain timelines. For instance, you will likely need to have the foundation and walls completed within 2 years from the date of land purchase. Real estate professionals will work with the local government offices to make sure that any other infrastructure building timelines are met to protect your investment. The purpose of establishing timelines is to prevent incremental building and questions of rightful land ownership.

If you are planning or in the process of buying a property in Ghana, contact Ghana Homes today and let our lawyers represent you in your Ghana property purchase.

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