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Homes in Ghana: How Strong is Your House Foundation?

Steps To Building A Solid Foundation

Homes in Ghana: How Strong is Your House Foundation?

Every good house begins with a good foundation. A foundation that has been laid with care will last for generations. When building a new house in Ghana, it’s important to work with experienced construction firms with an established track record. The implementation of best practices throughout the construction process will help ensure that your home is given a strong foundation.

The Basics of a Strong Foundation

A well-built house foundation begins with a thorough soil evaluation. The information gained from a soil evaluation tells the construction company what type of foundation can be safely built.  Some soil types are likely to shift and must be shored up before construction can begin. 

Once the soil evaluation data has been collected and analyzed, the land must be prepared.  It has to be graded correctly, the method of which depends somewhat on the type of soil present on the property.  Correct methods of soil preparation and grading will give the concrete foundation a level surface and will promote moisture drainage.

Guarding Against Moisture

Moisture and drainage are particular concerns of homeowners. The moisture naturally present in the soil can seriously impact the strength of a home’s foundation. This happens because water weakens building materials, leading to mold and rot. Temperatures also can impact the foundation, gradually cracking concrete foundations. This kind of damage can be prevented by the presence of vapor barriers. The initial barriers are usually placed during the grading stage; other barriers are placed as the rest of the foundation is built.

Judging the Strength of a Foundation

To get an idea of how secure a house’s foundation actually is, it’s best to consult an engineer or surveyor. They can personally inspect a home’s foundation to see if it was built according to code. They can also examine the records to review the findings of the soil evaluation and check to see if the moisture barriers have been correctly placed.

To keep your house foundation strong, you’ll need to inspect it on a regular basis. Once a year, check for cracks, chips, or crumbling concrete. If you spot any mold or rot, have it treated right away. Even the most solidly-built foundation can become weak as a result of neglect.

If a house’s foundation has been correctly built and maintained, it will remain strong for a long time.  Before committing to build your own home, purchase a custom-built home or doing it yourself, talk with an expert from Ghana Home Group.  Ghana Homes group, with its reliable and trustworthy construction companies will partner with you to build a strong and lasting home or foundation.

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